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public so we don't get shit :)

i feel sorry for them. they can't speak the truth. can't say what's really on their mind or even be themselves apart from the rest.

but the one i feel sorriest for is eleanor. let's conform with the group of people who have done nothing more than talk shit about me behind my back, and even to my face sometimes, yeah?! it's awesome.

don't you think?

if someone takes this as shit-talking, then that's their deal. however, what i find funny about it is that she was the only one of them (aside from kelsey, of course) that i could even stand to be around for prolonged periods of time. i wonder if that's still the same.

doubt it. =/

he comes home. tomorrow. i can't wait! omg are we still going to the zoo? and degrassi? AND OMG I HAVE TO SHOW YOU THE CARD I BOUGHT HIM!!
love you always, dearest ♥
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